Steve Cyrkin Starbrite Autographs Sold Fakes Forgeries! Fraud!



Cyrkin after being exposed did admit he was removing all the forgeries from his web site. The web site was shut down for two years and Crykin was also stating the site was under construction. Just another Cyrkin lie as the site never came back up, he had no genuine autographs to sell.

Cyrkin stated in his ad that all the signatures he sold were obtained “in-person.” However Cyrkin was brazen about pushing forgeries upon uneducated collectors he even offered forgeries as prizes in his autograph magazine. Sally Field was a disgraceful example of how bad the forgeries were that Cyrkin was offering. Looking at a Cyrkin offering one well known dealer stated: “Can you spot any authentic autographs?”

After Crykin’s Starbrite went bust is was not long after that almost all of Crykin’s advertisers took a walk. It only took a few months for that magazine to disappear. Collectors took a big hit paying in advance for a subscription that was not fulfilled and dealers who paid for ads in advance simply got screwed.

The following is just a sampling of the terrible fakes Cyrkin was selling: Tom Cruise, Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Nikki Blonsky, Mandy Moore, January Jones, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher, Mariah Carey, Christina Ricci, Christopher Knight, Rose McGowan, Matt Damon, George Wallace, Ben Stiller, Cheryl Tiegs and many more.

Cyrkin’s offerings was so pathetic he stooped as low as offering a photo of Heath Ledger that was produced after his passing. You guessed it, Cyrkin offered one signed. Remember all Cyrkin’s signed photos were obtained “in-person”.

Cyrkin’s forged items have been appearing on eBay so potential bidders beware as the market is flooded with Cyrkin’s trash.

Autograph New Live has given Steve Cyrkin the opportunity to come clean. All Cyrkin needed to do was tell the autograph community the source of all the forgeries he was offering. He needed to prove that he obtained the signed photos from others. If he could not then everything points to the fact that Cyrkin himself must be the forger.

Cyrkin has been given the opportunity to clear his name and he refuses to come forward. Matter of fact he has pretty much gone into hiding. Steve Cyrkin has dug his own grave and everything now points to him being the forger. This is his own doing.

Just what happened to his magazine is what is happening to his blog. No legitimate dealer wants to advertise and have their name associated with Steve Cyrkin. The few that’s left speaks volumes. Need we say more!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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